All Terrain Vehicle – Sit-Astride

Learners can master the basics of sit-astride ATV riding with our intensive course.

Platinum Safety is an approved Lantra Awards Training Centre based in , Co. Limerick and we currently have a number of approved Instructors. We provide Lantra ATV Training Services in Limerick, Cork, Galway, Clare, Tipperary, Dublin and Nationwide on request.

Overview in Brief

Sit-astride all-terrain vehicles (ATVs, also known as Quad Bikes or Quadbikes) are incredibly versatile machines.

Their flexibility means they can work with a range of attachments, including trailers, sprayers, and spreaders. That makes them popular across many agricultural businesses.

But that popularity comes with the potential for danger. Without proper training, serious accidents can – and do – occur.

Platinum Safety’s ATV course is aimed at learners with little experience of ATV riding.

Once you’ve completed Platinum Safety’s ATV course, you’ll receive a certificate of training for sit-astride ATVs – including loads and trailed equipment.

Lantra All Terrain Vehicle – Sit-In Skid Steer (Tracked)
Lantra All Terrain Vehicle - Sit-Astride