Abrasive Wheels

Platinum Safety offer this comprehensive one-day course, primarily in Limerick, Clare, Tipperary, Waterford, Cork and nationwide on request. It is designed to train participants how to operate abrasive wheels safely.

It looks at the relevant legislation, wheel selection, wheel storage, wheel types and markings. This course also includes practical demonstrations on procedures to be followed when mounting abrasive wheels.

Platinum Safety Abrasive Wheel Courses Objective
On completion of this unit participants will be able to:

  • Mount, operate, handle and store abrasive wheels correctly and safely
  • Apply the principles of wheel selection
  • Test and maintain wheels safely

Platinum Safety Abrasive Wheel Courses Program

  • Health and safety hazards
  • Causes of accidents
  • Malpractice
  • Methods of storing and handling
  • Methods of inspecting and testing
  • Functions of components used including flanges, washers, bushes, nuts used in mounting, tool rests
  • Assembling and balancing components
  • Dressing abrasive wheels

Abrasive Wheel Courses Assessment/ Certification: Platinum Safety Certificate of Attendance